Small Petal Plate

Sophie Lou Jacobsen

$ 105.00
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The Small Petal Plate by Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a handmade glass plate, organically shaped as a flower petal. Petal Plates can be used on their own as serving dishes, combined into a set of dinner plates or used as decorative catch-all bowls for keys, jewelry and the like. Pairs well with its mate, the Large Petal Plate. Each piece is unique because of its handmade nature. Available in two colors. 7.5" diameter. 

Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a French-American designer based in NYC. Her eponymous line of every-day objects are designed in light of the innate power objects have to enhance their user’s mood through form, style and function. Imbued with a certain poetry, pieces are intended to surprise, delight and elevate one’s daily experience.
  • 100% Soda-Lima Glass 
  • Made in Brooklyn