Parachute Pant

Atelier Delphine

$ 400.00
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The Parachute Pant is a full length pant with an oversized, flouncy silhouette. Featuring adjustable strings for preferred ruching, this pant dons two extra large pockets that add to the wide-leg shape. A bank waist band is elasticized for comfort, topped with a button closure for a seamless look. The Parachute Pant pairs well with any top and serves a bold, casual style while lending movement to the wearer. Wear in any season for years to come. 

Atelier Delphine embodies the feminine and modern with a penchant for delicious texture. Loose, fluid, and luxurious, the loungewear brand expresses the lightness of touch through playfulness and grace. Each piece is environmentally friendly and fair-trade.
  • 100% Japanese Cotton
  • Made in the USA