Hand Clip


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The Hand Clip is an artful, wooden organizing accessory meant to hold and display any item of your choosing. Perfect for notes, pictures, stems and cards, the Hand Clip can stand on its wrist or side, fitting seamlessly into bookshelves or atop tables. Cut from European Walnut, this everyday object displays a beautifully rich wood grain and features a stainless steel spring mechanism. Add this simple, unexpected treasure to any space. The Hand Clip also makes for a great gift. 

Leolo.ch is a Zürich based studio that creates everyday objects, furniture concepts and toys designed by Thomas Steuri and crafted by local Swiss manufacturers. Each item is an artful demonstration of simplicity in design, a passion for craft - and a pleasure for the unexpected.
  • 100% European Walnut, Stainless Steel Spring 
  • Made in Switzerland