Grand Pom Pom Candle Holder

Maison Balzac

$ 79.00
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The Grand Pom Pom Candle Holder conjures images of floating sea-like creatures suspended in the clearest waters. Four petit pom poms adorn the side of a rounded holder, atop a dainty long-stemmed base handmade of a transparent borosilicate glass. Designed to hold any standard candle stick, the Grand Pom Pom is sure to attract the eye with its unique, artful essence. Measures 18.5 cm tall. 

Maison Balzac is an Australian-based line of hand-blown glassware and handmade homewares with a playful, intriguing twist. Objects are intended to transform the act of eating or drinking into quirky, memorable moments through ‘jewelry for your table’.
  • 100% Borosilicate Glass made in PRC