Bold Self-Reflection: Know Thyself by Terri M Bolds

Bold Self-Reflection: Know Thyself by Terri M Bolds

Smith & Hannon Bookstore

$ 10.00

This is a collection of books curated by Joyce Smith, our neighbor and owner of Smith and Hannon Bookstore, the only Black-owned bookstore in Cincinnati. Joyce does not have a website with a selling function, so we are listing books that Joyce has selected. 100% of proceeds go directly to Smith & Hannon Bookstore.

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Bold Self-Reflection Know Thyself will take the reader on a journey down a path of uncovering hard truths.  The pages are filled with creative and realistic ways to help the reader uncover the deception they subconsiously and consciously live with and learn how they have affected their lives.  Through the journey of self-exploration, the reader will also begiin to lay down a foundation of truth telling that will begin to shift their path on a direction of freedom from the unwanted baggage.