Bloom Teapot

Sophie Lou Jacobsen

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The Bloom Teapot is a borosilicate glass teapot made in collaboration with tea brand The Qi. This playful piece sports a wavy handle, three round glass 'legs' and a matching top lid and knob. Suitable for any type of tea or coffee. Available in two color ways: clear and multicolor. Volume: 20 oz. Dimensions: 6”H × 6”W × 4”D. 

Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a French-American designer based in NYC. Her eponymous line of every-day objects are designed in light of the innate power objects have to enhance their user’s mood through form, style and function. Imbued with a certain poetry, pieces are intended to surprise, delight and elevate one’s daily experience.
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made in the USA