Leaked Recipes: The Cookbook

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Leaked Recipes: The Cookbook by Demetria Glace is a compilation of major email leaks of the past fifteen years through the theme of cooking. Have you ever wondered what a conspiracy menu tastes like? Part reportage, part cookbook, this book showcases over 50 recipes from released emails of large scale investigations. Indulge in once-confidential instructions, shared by staff from the world’s most influential companies and government workers linked to Hillary Clinton's emails and more. Photographs by Emilie Baltz illustrate each recipe, offering a unique mix of office culture, technology and food appreciation. A riotous insight into office culture, politics, family and friendships, this book is a unique and engaging perspective on the pressing issue of data privacy. 

  • Written and Edited by Demetria Glace 
  • Publish Date: June 21, 2022 
  • Format: Hardcover